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Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 38 – Dragonforce’s Herman Li


We get down with Dragonforce’s main shredder Herman Li. Besides his main gig as a speed metal guitarist, Li is a martial artist, video editor and lives life on the edge when racing his Porsche. Check out this podcast where we discusses his crazy hobbies, life on the road and all things Dragonforce.



Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 36 – King Parrot’s Matt “Youngy” Young


It’s time to grind with King Parrot’s maniac frontman Matt “Youngy” Young. Young chats about Game of Thrones, road life, past jobs and a whole lot more.


Bonesaw Podcast – Episode 28: Witchaven’s Henry Montoya

12829254_10153904692847295_8224299431011907744_oThings get extra heavy as we sit down with the notorious Henry Montoya of black thrash psychopaths Witchaven. Montoya and Butera discuss Witchaven’s upcoming album, touring, the September 11 attacks and aftermath and even crazier things. Be sure to check out Witchaven on their East Coast tour with Steel Bearing Hand (flyer above).


Bonesaw Podcast – Episode 26: Condition Critical & Lich King’s Mike Dreher

extermination plan cover

Thrashing to a stereo near you we have thrash metal bassist Mike Dreher of Condition Critical and Lich King. On this rad podcast, we discuss Lich King’s recent European tour, Condition Critical’s new album plans and a whole lot more – featuring a CC cover of Demolition Hammer’s “.44 Caliber Brain Surgery.”

Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 21: Mick Mayer from Sonic Pulse

Our guest at this time is Mick Mayer from Adventure Metal band (who’s last release bears the same title) Sonic Pulse. Mick and Chris shoot the breeze on touring, music, comic books and more – including Sonic Pulse’s upcoming album “Vs. The Internet” and why they band covers the “Adventure Time” theme song.

Cannibal Corpse and Cattle Decapitation at The Chance Theater – 10/16/2015

Cannibal Corpse and Cattle Decapitation are two bands I always make the effort to see when they come around. When a show was announced featuring both bands at a venue near me,  I had no excuse not to go.

I went to pick up my buddy Jay (aka Keyboards) and we were off. After a ride that consisted of getting stuck in traffic and blasting Vomitory and early Samael, we arrived at “The Chance Theater” in Poughkeepsie, NY and bought our tickets from Will of Necroptic Engorgement. Many friends were at the show (including people I had no idea liked death metal) and Jason Keyser from Origin.

Necroptic Engorgement

First up were local favorites Necroptic Engorgment. I’ve seen these guys open for many bands including Macabre, Dying Fetus, the previous time seeing Cannibal Corpse as well as previous times seeing Cattle Decapitation. They’re always fun and this time was no exception. They played greats such as “Born in the Morgue” and “Blow Torch Castration” as well as a new song called “Sandpaper Masturbation” (which is now one of my new favorites).


Out of the four bands, this was the only one I hadn’t seen before. I had never heard of this band before this tour was announced, but Jay’s friend Ralph told us they were “brutally good.”

Soreption is a Swedish technical death metal band. They were really heavy and had an awesome performance. Most modern tech-death bands tend to be forgettable song writers but this band was an exception as their songs tended to have more variety and didn’t sound too similar at all.

Cattle Decapitation 

I had seen these death-grind legends at the buildings upper venue “The Loft” two months ago with tech-death greats Beyond Creation. I was worried of their set here not being as good as that one since they weren’t headlining. The band ended up topping that set due to better sound. As always, their set was very energetic mostly due to Travis Ryan’s incredible stage presence.

Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse were the band that got me into death metal. Though I’ve explored the genre since then and found many hidden gems (such as Timeghoul), Cannibal is still a band I love.

What I noticed was their set was mostly later songs (except for “Stripped, Raped and Strangled”). I didn’t mind this as I enjoy all eras of the band, but there’s always the purists that only want the old material. Towards the end of the set they included more Chris Barnes era songs such as “I Cum Blood,” Skull Full of Maggots” and of course, “Hammer Smashed Face.”

The crowd was wild, the band had tons of energy with George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher twirling every chance he got as well as singing in a Broadway-esque voice between songs (not making this up). After the show, Jay and I got pics with his friends Ralph and Candy and we headed home after yet another kick-ass Cannibal Corpse show. This is my third time seeing both Corpse and Cattle but I know it wont be my last.

Sonic Pulse Announce East Coast Tour

Self proclaimed “Adventure Metallers” Sonic Pulse announced a 16 date east coast tour Wednesday titled the “Party Like Your Dad Before He Had You” tour.

The tour will begin on August 14 at The Wreck Room in Peterborough, NH and commence on August 29 at Sammy’s Patio in Revere, MA – a short distance from the bands hometown of Boston.

The tour is to promote Sonic Pulse’s long awaited sophomore album, “Vs. The Internet,” scheduled to be released sometime in August.

“We’re really excited to finally be back on the road and looking forward to catching up with old and new friends along the way. Be sure to come hang out and party with us like your dad before he had you!” said the band via Facebook.

The tour flyer can be viewed below. Several dates do not yet have venues but have a destination in mind. To help, contact Sonic Pulse at sonicpulsemetal@gmail.com.