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F*ck Mondays! Episode 27: Doctor Strange Review (and Wonder Woman Too)


Chris and Jon review Marvel’s Doctor Strange, talk shop about Ronda Rousey’s retirement announcement, and review the latest Wonder Woman trailer.

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F*ck Mondays! Episode 16: The Great Civil War Debate


We’re back from seeing the sight that was Captain America: Civil War and we’ve got a lot to say. Find out what we liked, disliked and more on another episode of F*ck Mondays!

WARNING: This episode contains spoilers!

F*ck Mondays – Episode 10: F*ck Mondays on a Tuesday (featuring the SuperBowl & CW Programming)

real fmondays

After a short break, Chris and Jon reflect on Super Bowl 50 (commercials and all), CM Punk’s first UFC opponent, touch on Daniel Bryan’s retirement and talk CW immediately after the latest episode of The Flash.

Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 25 – Temple of Dagon’s Kyle Hertz


We’re opening the can of worms with Kyle Hertz of Temple of Dagon! Hertz talks working in the gaming industry, being a local promoter and much more in our last podcast of 2015.

Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 21: Mick Mayer from Sonic Pulse

Our guest at this time is Mick Mayer from Adventure Metal band (who’s last release bears the same title) Sonic Pulse. Mick and Chris shoot the breeze on touring, music, comic books and more – including Sonic Pulse’s upcoming album “Vs. The Internet” and why they band covers the “Adventure Time” theme song.

Bonesaw Comiccast – Episode 4: Will Smith’s Supermantastic Suicidal Ant-Venture (and Daredevil)

The boys are back in town for a long overdue installment of the Bonesaw Comiccast. Fresh off of the heels of this year’s San Diego Comic Con, Chris and Jon sound off on new trailers for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. They also discuss Marvel’s Ant Man Daredevil along with other nonsensical banter.


Bonesaw Podcast – Episode 16: E. B. Phillips


This time around we take a look at underground New York Rapper E. B. Phillips. Phillips is a humble, down to earth character who brings us into his world discussing his roots, love for comic books, and a whole lot more. The featured song is “Third Eye” from Phillip’s album “Visions” which can be streamed and purchased at ebphillipshiphop.bandcamp.com.

Trailer Feedback: Ant-Man

Paul Rudd looks like a surprisingly good choice for Ant-Man; a secondary Marvel hero that you may or may not know of.

If you fall into the latter category, Ant-Man was originally a scientist named Hank Pym who created a substance called “Pym Particles” that allowed him to change size at will. Pym also invented a helmet that could control ants. Scott Lang became the second Ant-Man after stealing the suit from Pym to save his daughter’s life. However, Pym was not vengeful and in fact encouraged Lang to take up the mantle, effectively reforming him from criminal to hero. Later, low-level S.H.I.E.L.D. employee Eric O’Grady stumbles upon the Ant-Man costume at S.H.I.E.L.D.’s headquarters and dons the persona – but is not the nicest guy in the world and almost destroys Ant-Man’s reputation completely.

Fortunately, we’re getting Lang’s redemption story for the feature film. We see Rudd (as Lang) being arrested, being asked by Pym (played by Michael Douglas) to become Ant-Man, and showing affection for his daughter. Effective development in 30 seconds.

Let’s not forget the sweet Ant-Man suit.

We also get  nice shots of Ant-Man shrinking down, roughing up some bad guys and flying on a bug.

Ant-Man looks like it could surprise us as much as Guardians of the Galaxy did last year.