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Bonesaw Podcast – Episode 28: Witchaven’s Henry Montoya

12829254_10153904692847295_8224299431011907744_oThings get extra heavy as we sit down with the notorious Henry Montoya of black thrash psychopaths Witchaven. Montoya and Butera discuss Witchaven’s upcoming album, touring, the September 11 attacks and aftermath and even crazier things. Be sure to check out Witchaven on their East Coast tour with Steel Bearing Hand¬†(flyer above).


Band of the Week: Witchaven

At the forefront of the Black Thrash Metal movement is California’s Witchaven.

Formed in 2005 under the name Witching Hour, this band was originally intended to be a Venom tribute band.

Fortunately, they realized their talents and became something more.

From 2006 to 2009, Witchaven built their underground empire – releasing a slew of demos, splits, EP’s and compilations before finally releasing their debut “Terrorstorm” in 2010. They then released the “Sacrificial Burnt Offering” EP in 2012 before releasing their sophomore album “Blood Sacrifice” in 2014.

Witchaven has had a revolving door of lineup changes since their incarnation with Henry Montoya and Lerby Sanchez as the only consistent members.  Through their hard work, dedication and talent they have and will continue to change the landscape of the New Wave of Thrash Metal.