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Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 38 – Dragonforce’s Herman Li


We get down with Dragonforce’s main shredder Herman Li. Besides his main gig as a speed metal guitarist, Li is a martial artist, video editor and lives life on the edge when racing his Porsche. Check out this podcast where we discusses his crazy hobbies, life on the road and all things Dragonforce.



Manopera! Episode 21: Balor, Nakamura and the Wyatt Family Deletion


Chris and Spaceman Frank analyze the infamous “Final Deletion,” The Wyatt Family vs. The New Day, Nakamura and Finn Balor’s epic encounter and way more in a heavy-hitting podcast.


F*ck Mondays! Episode 18: Pokemon Goes to UFC 200


In great detail, Chris and Jon discuss UFC 200, the sensations and dangers of Pokemon Go, and goings on in the Marvel comic universe. Chris details his first Uber experience.