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Harp House: Episode 11 – RIP James Cotton, The History of the Harmonica

James Cotton

by Connor J. Frontera

We have recently lost a harmonica legend, James Cotton. In this episode, I discuss a little bit of his life and how he influenced thousands of harmonica players. Additionally, I explore the history of the harmonica according to the BBC documentary Tin Sandwich.

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Bonesaw Becomes Bonesaw Entertainment, Acquires HarpHouse Podcast


With the addition of two new podcasts to its roster, The Bonesaw has officially become a podcasting network. In addition to managing the website, as well as other forms of future media, The Bonesaw and its podcast network will collectively be known as Bonesaw Entertainment.

In late 2016, Bonesaw Entertainment launched its fourth proprietary podcast, the SSEP (Schorr Sports Entertainment Podcast), which focuses on professional wresting and sports, and most recently acquired HarpHouse, a harmonica-themed podcast which focuses on theory and all aspects of jazz and blues music as well as harmonica techniques.

In the coming year, Bonesaw Entertainment looks to expand on its network of podcasts with more content focusing on more categories as well as develop relationships with sponsors and advertising.

“We are excited to have Connor and HarpHouse join the Bonesaw Entertainment family,” CEO and Editor-In-Chief Chris Butera. “We eagerly anticipate all the awesome goals we can accomplish to help Bonesaw Entertainment fully realize its potential and give a platform for all the little guys in their quest in becoming the voices of a generation.”

“It is going to be great collaborating with the Bonesaw Team,” said Connor Frontera, creator of HarpHouse and Seydel Harmonica endorsee. “Bringing together all of these outstanding individuals will add another, very positive, dimension to HarpHouse.”

Bonesaw Entertainment’s podcasts can be heard on SoundCloud, Stitcher, iTunes and TuneIn. Donations can be pledged via Patreon.

About Bonesaw Entertainment

Bonesaw Entertainment is a brand founded by Chris Butera in 2014, initially as a simple website, www.bonesawzine.com. In addition to a focus on music and professional wrestling, the site features first-hand accounts in the gonzo style originated by Hunter S. Thompson. In 2015, the site became a host to three podcasts, which include The Bonesaw Podcast, Manopera – A Wrestling Symposium and F*ck Mondays! The Bonesaw Podcast features interviews with music and entertainment professionals from the underground to internationally known artists. Manopera centers on professional wrestling, and F*ck Mondays! is a pop culture-based podcast.

For all inquiries, email Bonesawzine@gmail.com.


Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 20 – The Unravelling’s Steve Moore

In a long-overdue return host Chris Butera sits down with The Unravelling’s Steve Moore to talk about his music, Moore’s battle with Cancer, and The Unravelling’s new album “Tear a Hole in the Collective Vision” (available at theunravelling.bandcamp.com).

Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 15 – Karen Stever


For the first time we go international with Canadian avant garde metal mistress Karen Stever. Stever and our esteemed host Chris Butera go back and forth about a myriad of topics including the art and music of Stever, growing up in their respective areas, hard times, struggles and triumphs in this lucrative podcast that will amaze you.

Check out Karen Stever at karenstever.com.

Bonesaw Update: Thrash, Doom and BBQ’s

Hi Everybody,

Haven’t posted anything in a few days guys so I figured I should cue you in on what’s been going on.

I’ve been working like a dog at my “joe” job while trying to become a force in publishing. During my days off, I’ve been recording podcasts with a number of fantastic underground artists, writing for Metal Insider and working on some musical projects (which I’ll get to later).

On top of that, I’m still doing some booking for the Thrash Bash BBQ. It’s been a little tricky since we changed the date from August 1st to August 15th so there has been some re-booking issues here and there. I am also waiting for the artwork to be delivered by Paul Motisi. He does work for Moon Tooth and is a fantastic artist. You can check out his stuff here. Once the artwork is taken care of the final flyer will be made and we’ll be going into heavy promotion mode.

I’ve been reading Hardcore Holly’s book “The Hardcore Truth” and my God, is it good. Holly holds nothing back in his tell-all. If you’re the type who enjoys a good shoot this is for you.

On a side note, prepping for my cousin’s wedding this Fourth of July weekend so it’s been hectic. I’m very proud of her and can’t wait to see her walk down the aisle along with friends and family.

Music has been interesting to me lately. Some new artists I think should be taken care of are Gruesome and Temple of Dagon, who are hitting their stride with their new EP titled “Revelations of the Spirit.” Both artists are incredibly talented and deserve a listen. Gruesome’s “Savage Land” album is great. How they managed to nail Death’s “Leprosy” sound is beyond me because this was an effort that took much more than studio magic. There will be some reviews for these pieces and hopefully that will open a few doors.

Saw The Skull the other night at Santo’s Party House along with Sunlord, who’s guitarist Alfonso Ferrazza was a recent guest on the podcast. It’s always nice to meet the people you work with. They had some high energy but no energy was higher than The Skull as singer Eric Wagner was inhaling cigarette smoke and other substances that are legal in some states (but not this one) on stage. If you don’t know The Skull they’re a doom/stoner band consisting of former member of the band Trouble – who are still active with different members. If you don’t know Trouble then check them out. “Plastic Green Head” and “The Skull” are good places to start.

Last but not least, my musical endeavors have begun to start back up. The Zamboni album is sounding great but is still in the early mixing stages. Hopefully it’ll be finished by the end of the year. I’m very proud of it and can’t wait to get my hands on the end result. I have also been working on a blackened doom project with my friend and coworker. I won’t be giving away any details but I will say that it’s instrumental with soundtrack concepts.

Thanks for giving me the time to fill you in on my current events. At some point I hope to bring back the band of the week and throwback Thursdays. If you or anybody you know would be into writing about anything the site focuses on feel free to email me at bonesawzine@gmail.com. We’re always looking for contributing writers. Until then know what you’re worth and fight the good fight.

-Chris Butera

Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 5 – Egokill’s Brian Schermicide

Episode 5 gets rude and crude with Egokill’s Brian Schermicide as we speak of 90’s cartoons, classic wrestling and metal in the most unapologetic way.

WARNING: This episode contains strong language.

Check out Egokill here.

Bonesaw/Zamboni Update

Hey Guys,

Long story short, The Bonesaw is going to continue to grow in 2015. I have not posted much in the last week due to Christmas chaos (which I rather enjoyed) and other things going on due to work and personal situations as we all have at some time or another.

Zamboni has been working on our debut album for quite some time now. Rob has been hard at work mixing the album and either him or Roger will be programming the drums for the final two tracks unless we can find some way to get him over to Rob’s to track them.

The plans have been set in motion for the annual Thrash Bash BBQ show which Zamboni hosts every Summer at Rob’s house in Wantage, NJ (If you don’t know about Thrash Bash BBQ, I have inserted a video package of this years event below made by Birdman Dan of the band “RROOAARRGH” who played at our first event). I will post updates to that and the Zamboni album as often as I can, but will of course lay in the shadows until things are solid.

As for The Bonesaw, I’ve been working on a few podcasts that will be featured on the site exclusively. Our guests being featured are currently some underground thrash metal bands but will continue to grow as time goes on. Lots of great stories from a few good friends involved in the music scene that I’m sure you guys will enjoy. Come January we should have some episodes ready to go for your listening pleasure. I’m currently in the midst of securing a podcast domain for an RSS feed so that the podcasts will be available on Itunes. The podcasts will also be backed up on YouTube.

I would like to thank everyone who has checked this out so far and for everyone who will give this “shitty new blog” a try.

Don’t forget the door is always open and if you want to write for us email your pitches to Bonesawzine@gmail.com.

Have a happy and healthy New Year,

Chris Butera