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Harp House: Episode 11 – RIP James Cotton, The History of the Harmonica

James Cotton

by Connor J. Frontera

We have recently lost a harmonica legend, James Cotton. In this episode, I discuss a little bit of his life and how he influenced thousands of harmonica players. Additionally, I explore the history of the harmonica according to the BBC documentary Tin Sandwich.

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HarpHouse: Episode 10 – My Beginnings, Harmonica Happenings Magazine, and More

by Connor J. Frontera

This episode answers a question that has been floating around on Harp-L and takes a look at some of the Winter 2017 Harmonica Happenings articles.

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HarpHouse: Episode 9 – Influences and Tone With Jarred Goldweber


In this episode, harmonica phenomenon Jarred Goldweber is interviewed where he discusses what the future of harmonica is looking like.

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HarpHouse – Episode 8: Tongue Blocking or Lip Pursing?


by Connor Frontera

Theory or Feeling? These topics go under the knife in this episode.

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