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My Experience at MDF 2016 – Part 3: Sunday


After two days of straight-up metal and hardcore we woke up to the last day of this year’s Maryland Deathfest.

Jason,Herb,Matt and I headed to Panera Bread for lunch. After everyone made jokes out of the fact that the name sounds like Pantera, we went over to Edison Lot.

Author’s Note: Due to the schedule no longer being up and not remembering  what order they played, the bands for the day are surmised according to memory and not time.

Denouncement Pyre

First on were black/death band Denouncement Pyre. I decided to give them a look since they are an offshoot of Nocturnal Graves. The band was pretty decent in both sound and performance.

Shed The Skin

Next on was death metal band Shed the Skin. As soon as I saw Kyle Severn from Incantation and his mustache playing the drums I knew this was going to be good. Thankfully I was right.

Nocturnal Graves

Blackened thrash masters Nocturnal Graves were one of the must-see bands of the day for me and they did not disappoint.


Classic Swedish death metallers Wombshedbath were anther one of the bands I wanted to catch the most on Sunday. While their sound was lacking, they were still fun to see.


These German black thrashers put on a very fun and energetic performance (although they didn’t top Nocturnal Graves).


While I do enjoy stoner doom, I always found Bongzilla to be one of the more boring and generic bands of that genre. Live they were no different as I sat in the shade bored.


As a big fan of Swedish death metal, I always found this band to be a more generic entry and similar to Bongzilla, their live performance didn’t do them any favors.


Being one of my favorite death metal bands, seeing Incantation is always a charm. The last time I was able to catch them was at MDF 2014 and they were one of the best performances of that year. While I feel they sounded better then due to playing at the Rams Head, they still killed like always.

Demolition Hammer

Along with Venom, they were one of my top must-see bands of Sunday (and the whole fest!) and they ended up being the best band of the whole Edison Lot. They sounded great and played all of their classics. It was raining a lot on Sunday but this didn’t stop the crowd from circle pitting as hard as they could.


The second to last band on the bill was the New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Satan. While traditional metal was never something I was big on (outside of the main bands and a few other exceptions), I can appreciate it when it’s good – and Satan were really good. They had a great sound, great energy and their songs were pretty catchy and memorable.


The last band of the Edison Lot was a band I was really interested in seeing. Earlier this year, I saw the offshoot Venom Inc. and they had an amazing set. Now it was time to see how Cronos’ band measures up to that version of the band.

While Venom didn’t have as good as a set list as Venom Inc. (Venom’s set kinda had too many later songs), they did play classics like “Buried Alive” and “Warhead.” These staples sounded amazing thanks to Cronos’ vocals. This made both Venom and Venom Inc. experiences pretty even. After Venom finished with “Black Metal” (of course), Herb and I headed down to Sound Stage. After chilling with his friend Greg, I made it in time for the last band.


I had seen crust punk legends Doom back at MDF 2011. It was about time I’d hear them play a longer set. Just as 2011, they ruled and were a nice end to the fest.

After Doom’s set Jason and I headed back to the hotel (while Herb watched Mystifer). We all went to sleep and already wondered what next year will hold.

Band of the Week: Cemetery Lust

Reigning from Portland, Oregon comes the ever aggressive black thrash maniacs Cemetery Lust.

Focusing their thundering riff driven lyrics on violence, sex and evil, the self proclaimed “rape thrashers” clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, showing in the high energy performances they put on.

Cemetery Lust have been active since 2009 and have gained a cult following in their local scene, providing opportunity to open for bigger underground bands as well as appearances in smaller festivals such as Portland’s 2014 Famine Fest and the 15th annual Hell’s Headbash in Cleveland, Ohio later this year.

With two full length releases under their belt (2012’s Screams of the Violated and 2014’s Orgies of Abomination) and several demos, the macabre metal troop should be storming into your speakers faster than you’ll ever live to be.

Band of the Week: Thy Antichrist

It’s time to blacken the New Year with Thy Antichrist.

Since 1998, the last pure Black Metal band on earth has been infecting the globe with their brand of darkness. Originally hailing from Medellín, Colombia, they relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2011.

The band consists of Antichrist 666 on vocals (the only original and constant member), Frost Giant on bass and Abyssus on guitar. For live performances they have been utilizing the talents of various drummers.

2014 was a big year for Thy Anthichrist. In August they played Rock al Parque, a South American open-air festival to a crowd of 80,000 heavy metal maniacs which was then wrapped up with a short United States tour in the fall. Other notable acts on Rock al Parque 2014 were Thrash Metal legends Anthrax and Exodus as well as Black Label society.

Despite only having one full-length album (2004’s Wicked Testimonies), Thy Antichrist has slowly developed a tremendous cult following and has become one of the top underground bands to watch for.