Band of the Week: Thy Antichrist

It’s time to blacken the New Year with Thy Antichrist.

Since 1998, the last pure Black Metal band on earth has been infecting the globe with their brand of darkness. Originally hailing from Medellín, Colombia, they relocated to Dallas, Texas in 2011.

The band consists of Antichrist 666 on vocals (the only original and constant member), Frost Giant on bass and Abyssus on guitar. For live performances they have been utilizing the talents of various drummers.

2014 was a big year for Thy Anthichrist. In August they played Rock al Parque, a South American open-air festival to a crowd of 80,000 heavy metal maniacs which was then wrapped up with a short United States tour in the fall. Other notable acts on Rock al Parque 2014 were Thrash Metal legends Anthrax and Exodus as well as Black Label society.

Despite only having one full-length album (2004’s Wicked Testimonies), Thy Antichrist has slowly developed a tremendous cult following and has become one of the top underground bands to watch for.

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