Band of the Week: Cemetery Lust

Reigning from Portland, Oregon comes the ever aggressive black thrash maniacs Cemetery Lust.

Focusing their thundering riff driven lyrics on violence, sex and evil, the self proclaimed “rape thrashers” clearly don’t take themselves too seriously, showing in the high energy performances they put on.

Cemetery Lust have been active since 2009 and have gained a cult following in their local scene, providing opportunity to open for bigger underground bands as well as appearances in smaller festivals such as Portland’s 2014 Famine Fest and the 15th annual Hell’s Headbash in Cleveland, Ohio later this year.

With two full length releases under their belt (2012’s Screams of the Violated and 2014’s Orgies of Abomination) and several demos, the macabre metal troop should be storming into your speakers faster than you’ll ever live to be.

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