Throwback Thursday: Mega Man X

In a nutshell, Mega Man X was one of the most enjoyable games of all time.

Released in Japan in 1993 and 1994 in North America, Mega Man X was Nintendo’s introduction to everybody’s favorite little blue robot on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

In addition to the unique level design, graphics and features only 32 bits could offer (at the time), Mega Man X added new levels of depth to the character and a slew of new weapons as he defeats eight robot masters and their leader in the distant future.

For one, all of your weapons were given bigger, badder upgrades when you either collected them from the capsules Dr. Light would hide, or you would gain a supercharged shot several moments into the final stage after fighting the Boba Fett inspired Vile for the second time (with a little help from X’s partner Zero).

In a post-apocalyptic world (a much grittier story than usual), X would fight Mavericks – more advanced robot masters than he was used to, as well as their leader Sigma (and his equally annoying cat). Some of the more memorable bosses and levels were Army Armadillo, Launch Octopus, and Storm Eagle; whose level soundtrack video game shredders Powerglove would cover on their “Total Pwnage” EP.

Speaking of music, Mega Man X continued the blue bomber’s tradition with one of the best soundtracks the franchise has to offer. The epic midi made you feel like the righteous man you are, embarking on an all or nothing quest for the good of mankind.

Mega Man X is a treasure for everyone, taking the platforming/beat-em-up elements that Mega Man is famous for but turning it up a notch. It’s a game that will never stop being fun no matter what new console is available or what they can do. At the end of the day, sometimes people want something simple and that’s what makes this game immortal.

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