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Bonesaw Podcast – Episode 35: Jess-O-Lantern


Deep in the heart of New York City’s underground music scene lies a spooky songstress known as Jess-O-Lantern. In this episode, Jess talks her humble musical beginnings, the unique line of work she’s in and much more.

Check out Jess-O-LanternĀ on Bandcamp and FaceBook.

Trailer Feedback: Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

In a shocking turn of events, Five Nights at Freddy’s has taken the terror out of the restaurant and into your home.

Not only does the trailer feature horrific jumps and visuals, but it offers a glimpse at new gameplay mechanics. For instance, the player can explore their house rather than being confined to one room.

There is also the case of the animatronics. The nightmare versions from all the teasers on developer Scott Cawthon’s website are the monsters we will be dealing with, including the Freddy minions and the “Plush Trap,” which is another game mechanic all together.

The trailer also begins with several chilling questions: “What is it that you think you see? What game do you think you are playing? What have you brought home?”

Before we compliment Cawthon on a job well done, we have a few questions of our own that must be addressed.

Are we playing a nightmare or reality?

Where are Fredbear and the puppet?

How will this be linked to the franchise?

We’ll know all this and more when the game launches August 8.