Trailer Feedback: Popeye

Although the world isn’t exactly clamoring for another throwback animation movie, Sony is giving us Popeye anyway.

While the trailer does not look terrible, everyone’s favorite sailor is noticeably missing some key features: his signature pipe and anchor tattoos.

Perhaps the film will focus on a younger Popeye embarking on an early venture that leads him to his first encounter with the love of his life, Olive Oyl.

This also could be Popeye’s first battle with Bluto over Ms. Oyl as well.

Despite the lack of spinach or Wimpy, it is a nice touch that Popeye features Eugene The Jeep – a mystical animal that is described as “living in a three dimensional world, but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world” by Professor Brainstine in a 1936 Popeye comic strip.

The animation looks fun and fluid, the quirky humor of Popeye is captured nicely, and the action is reminiscent of the classic cartoons (sans spinach) – with Popeye literally throwing the kitchen sink at Bluto’s goons.

We may not need another Popeye flick, but this doesn’t look that bad at first glance.

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