Band of the Week: Blood Feast

One of the unsung heroes of old-school Thrash – New Jersey’s own Blood Feast.

Taking their name from the classic gore movie, Blood Feast originally formed in 1985 as “Blood Lust.” They changed their name the following year, shortly after the release of their “Suicidal Mission” demo.

In 1987 Blood Feast released their debut album “Kill For Pleasure” and the “Face Fate” EP on New Renaissance Records. These releases were innovative with the speed and technicality of their work reaching a new level of ferocity in the Thrash Metal world.

Several years and a shift in the lineup would go by before Blood Feast would release their sophomore album, “Chopping Block Blues” in 1990 on Colossal Records. Guitarist Adam Tranquilli had left the band and Blood Feast would record “Chopping Block Blues” as a four-piece. Blood Feast then split up a year later in 1991.

Blood Feast seemed to be over, but they would later reform for two one-off shows in 1999 and 2007. The latter would lead to Blood Feast officially coming out of retirement with Tranquilli returning to the fold and a slew of lineup changes. Since then, Blood Feast have released two compilations (2002’s “Remnants: The Last Remains” and 2013’s “Last Offering Before the Chopping Block”) and have been working on new material for quite some time. The clip above is the official video for their new song “Off With Their Heads.”

The only question that lingers is if and when a new Blood Feast album will see the light of day. In the meantime just sit back, relax, and don’t forget to drink the blood of every corpse.

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