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Trailer Feedback: Minions

This Friday, the adorable, banana obsessed minions from the Despicable Me films are getting their own movie.

These little guys have been around since the dawn of time with all but one purpose: to serve the most evil being in existence. Unfortunately, their clumsiness and naivety contributes to the demise of every boss they have. This includes legendary tyrants Napoleon Boneparte, Dracula and the almighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.

With no cruel creatures left to cater to, the minions lose purpose and become depressed until three highly unlikely minions Kevin, Stuart and Bob strike out on their own to find a new boss. Their travels take them (not surprisingly) to 1960’s New York City when the city’s crime rates were on the rise.

Enter Scarlet Overkill (voiced by Sandra Bullock), the new reigning princess of evil- with plans to become queen after commissioning the minions to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

Somewhere along the way Bob discovers free will and crowns himself king, but those interesting (and hilarious) details will all be revealed July 10th.

Minions looks promising. These little yellow guys have come out of Gru’s shadow and into their own with their cuteness, unique dialogue and incomparable brand of slapstick. The minds behind Universal Studio’s animation team at Illumination may have struck gold. The animation and color scheme’s texture keeps the familiarity and flavor of the Despicable Me series with a new twist that could work for anyone.

In all seriousness, Minions has the potential to be the sleeper hit of the Summer and a guilty pleasure for even the most villainous heel.

Trailer Feedback: Entourage

It seems that this summer we will be getting the definitive ending to one of HBO’s best original series with the Entourage movie.

Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) and crew are back to their usual shenanigans with agent Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) offering Chase his latest film, but this time Chase wants to direct. Although Gold is hesitant to grant yet another Chase wish, he does and according to the trailer; that’s where it begins to hit the fan.

Warner BrothersĀ are pulling out all the stops getting nearly every A, B and C list celebrity that has appeared on the show with new additions Rhonda Rousey, Haley Joel Osment, and Russell Wilson contributing their talents.

Even the show’s executive producer Mark Wahlberg will be gracing the screen with his presence.

This looks to be blockbuster ending we all wanted this series to have.