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Harp House Episode 14: Which Position?

by Connor J. Frontera

A small Facebook conversation with newly endorsed Seydel player, Russell Huffer, sparked big thoughts about which position to use when playing different music.

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Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 32 – AllOne Returns (Part 2)


The second coming of Bruce “AllOne” Pandolfo’s second appearance finally sees the light of day when we talk about the economy, his new album “I’ve Been Thinking” (which can be purchased atwww.allonevoice.bandcamp.com) and more.


Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 11 – Bruce “AllOne” Pandolfo

Our guest is independent Hip Hop artist Bruce “AllOne” Pandolfo. Pandolfo is you’re average Long Island Joe with an uncanny mastering of the English language. Channeling different music genres with poetic, freestyle lyrics reflecting life in the vein of Mos Def and Eyedea, AllOne is a force to be reckoned with.

Check out AllOne here.