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Harp House Episode 17: Top 10 Issues Harmonica Players Face: A Response to Ronnie Shellist’s Video!

by Connor Frontera

Ronnie Shellist recently posted a video to his YouTube Channel (above) discussing the top 10 issues harmonica players face and how to solve them. Connor goes through all 10 issues Shellist highlights and adds some of his own thoughts to offer as much positive advice he could.

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Harp House Episode 14: Which Position?

by Connor J. Frontera

A small Facebook conversation with newly endorsed Seydel player, Russell Huffer, sparked big thoughts about which position to use when playing different music.

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Harp House Episode 13: Interview with Janalyn Miklas


by Connor J. Frontera

In this episode, Connor interviews harmonica “Royalty” Janalyn Miklas to discuss women in the industry and the future of the instrument. Miklas also shares a few funny and personal moments about her most embarrassing performance.

Check out some of Susan Sauter’s work here.

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