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Bonesaw Podcast: Episode 5 – Egokill’s Brian Schermicide

Episode 5 gets rude and crude with Egokill’s Brian Schermicide as we speak of 90’s cartoons, classic wrestling and metal in the most unapologetic way.

WARNING: This episode contains strong language.

Check out Egokill here.

Bonesaw Podcast Episode 3: Insinnerator’s Christopher “Atomic Thrasher” Part 2

Our chat with Christopher “Atomic Thrasher” continues on our third installment of the Bonesaw Podcast. We talk about our respective bands Insinnerator and Zamboni, Nintendo’s blockbuster franchise “The Legend of Zelda” and the music industry among other awesome topics.

Check out Insinnerator HERE.

Check out Zamboni HERE.

Listen to our previous podcasts HERE.

Bonesaw Podcast Ep 1: Chris and Frank Shoot on Royal Rumble 2015

We finally did it guys. Thanks for all your support so far and the support you will continue to give in the future. For our first episode I’m joined by my friend and former college buddy Frank Lucci where we let the fur fly as we express our thoughts on this year’s Royal Rumble event. Frank and I discuss what we liked, disliked, a WWE/Jetsons crossover and more. Our band of the week GZR is featured as well so sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Bonesaw/Zamboni Update

Hey Guys,

Long story short, The Bonesaw is going to continue to grow in 2015. I have not posted much in the last week due to Christmas chaos (which I rather enjoyed) and other things going on due to work and personal situations as we all have at some time or another.

Zamboni has been working on our debut album for quite some time now. Rob has been hard at work mixing the album and either him or Roger will be programming the drums for the final two tracks unless we can find some way to get him over to Rob’s to track them.

The plans have been set in motion for the annual Thrash Bash BBQ show which Zamboni hosts every Summer at Rob’s house in Wantage, NJ (If you don’t know about Thrash Bash BBQ, I have inserted a video package of this years event below made by Birdman Dan of the band “RROOAARRGH” who played at our first event). I will post updates to that and the Zamboni album as often as I can, but will of course lay in the shadows until things are solid.

As for The Bonesaw, I’ve been working on a few podcasts that will be featured on the site exclusively. Our guests being featured are currently some underground thrash metal bands but will continue to grow as time goes on. Lots of great stories from a few good friends involved in the music scene that I’m sure you guys will enjoy. Come January we should have some episodes ready to go for your listening pleasure. I’m currently in the midst of securing a podcast domain for an RSS feed so that the podcasts will be available on Itunes. The podcasts will also be backed up on YouTube.

I would like to thank everyone who has checked this out so far and for everyone who will give this “shitty new blog” a try.

Don’t forget the door is always open and if you want to write for us email your pitches to Bonesawzine@gmail.com.

Have a happy and healthy New Year,

Chris Butera