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Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Ozzy Era Black Sabbath Halloween Tribute Show Haunts Brian’s Backyard BBQ

A party went on this Halloween at Montgomery, NY restaurant Brian’s Backyard BBQ. This (free) party included a costume contest, an outside haunted house and three tribute bands covering Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden classics.

Normally I don’t go out of my way to see cover bands but a free show with tributes to three of metal’s greats only five minutes away was something I just couldn’t pass up.

After a party with co-workers I picked up an older metalhead, my buddy Jay and his friend. After a short car ride consisting of jokes about Danzig making a Christmas album we got to the venue for some great music.

British Steel

First up was the Priest cover band British Steel. My friend Branden and I went close to the stage when it was their time to get on. We were joined by several people including a drunken old woman.

After the band started their set with one of Priests newer songs “Dragonaut,” they then went into classics such as “Nightcrawler,” “Painkiller,” “Breaking the Law” and “Metal Gods.”

What impressed me the most was when they played “Free Wheel Burning.” I’ve seen Priest twice and they didn’t play it either time.

While not as good as Priest (obviously), the band did a good job playing the songs and was able to get the crowd going.

Never Say Die

Next up were Never Say Die – an Ozzy era Black Sabbath tribute.

Though the band was called “Never Say Die,” they didn’t play any songs from that album (thankfully). Instead, they opted for a mix of deep cuts and hits.

I was glad I got to hear some of my Ozzy era favorites such as “Wicked World,” “Snowblind,” “N.I.B” and “Children of the Grave.” The crowd was pleased with “War Pigs” and “Paranoid” (yet no “Iron Man”).

The crowd was a little more drunk than at this point, with drunk old ladies grabbing Branden (not making this up).

The band sounded great and I was glad that the singer didn’t fully try to copy Ozzy. Since I’ll be seeing the real Sabbath in February, lets see which band has the better set list.


The final band of the night was the Iron Maiden tribute Sanctuary.

They played “Caught Somewhere in Time,” “Flash of the Blade” and “Flight of Icarus” before the band took a break for the costume contest.

While I felt the hot girl dressed as a dragon ninja was the best, somehow an old lady dressed as a banana won. After the contest Sanctuary  went back to playing.

They played many more greats such as “Powerslave,” the new single “Speed of Light,” “Phantom of the Opera” and “Wrathchild.”

Sanctuary did such an awesome job covering Maiden’s songs to the point where if you were blindfolded you’d think it was the real deal. The singer would even talk to the audience in a British accent and acted like Bruce Dickinson on stage.

It was starting to get late and I had work the next day so I didn’t stay for the whole thing. I did however, stay long enough for my favorite Maiden song “Hallowed Be Thy” name which sounded epic.

Trailer Feedback: Straight Outta Compton

You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge on the big screen.

Universal Studios and Legendary Pictures are bringing us the story of possibly the most aggressive and celebrated rap group in history, N.W.A.

Ice Cube and Dr. Dre’s introduction immediately legitimizes the film in every way, giving us a clear idea of how hard the studios worked on this and how extensive the production will be.

Although certain aspects may be dolled up by Hollywood (founding member Arabian Prince is not featured at all), this biopic should be one of the best. The casting seems to be dead on accurate as Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr., ¬†Corey Hawkins (Non-Stop, Iron Man 3) and Jason Mitchell (Contraband) look and even sound like young versions of Cube, Dre and Eazy-E. Paul Giamatti (12 Years A Slave) is great in everything he is cast in and should be no different as he takes on the role of N.W.A’s manager Jerry Heller.

The only concern is how much the film will center on N.W.A. as a group rather than its focal members. Hopefully MC Ren and DJ Yella will not be pushed into the background and become afterthoughts in the feature. It doesn’t look that way, but only time will tell.

We won’t know how the presentation will be until it hits the big screen but when it does, we had better get the whole story, all of the controversy and every piece of the N.W.A. puzzle without much (if any) compromise. If “Straight Outta Compton” holds any water, there’s a strong chance we could get a Run DMC, Wu-Tang Clan or Public Enemy biopic in the future.