Trailer Feedback: Sinister 2

2012 saw a very unlikely horror movie blow the roof off of the supernatural world with a demon that uses multimedia and imagery as a portal to our world in order to brainwash children into murdering their families before joining his cult.

2015 looks to plunge into the inner workings of Bughuul with Sinister 2, in theaters this August.

While the trailer itself looks mostly like more of the same, Sinister 2 appears that it will focus more on Bughuul (reprised by Nicholas King) and his child abducting methods than terrorizing the family that moves into his den.

Sinister 2 seems to be delving more into Bughuul’s lore as well. Upon seeing him more we also see the children brainwashing Bughuul’s child of choice, culminating with the boy presumably filming a murder (possibly an initiation). We also see Bughuul’s history being briefly explained (although it could be borrowed footage from the first movie), hinting towards Sinister 2 filling in a few of Mr. Boogey’s blanks.

With one part Poltergeist and two parts Children of the Corn, Sinister 2’s trailer does show signs of a different direction but doesn’t quite look like it will shock us in the way the first film did. Having said that, expecting one thing from a trailer does not necessarily mean you will get it in full. We’ll just have to see.

However; Henry Hall’s “Hush, Hush, Hush, (Here Comes the Boogeyman)” still gives us the heebie-jeebies.

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