Trailer Feedback: Cooties

In our youth, there was once an invisible disease all little boys and girls had at some time in their lives called “Cooties.”

Essentially a warped version of tag, cooties could be brought on at a moment’s notice when one child would yell that another “had cooties”. Those highly contagious cooties could then be given to someone else by touching them and screaming loudly that said child now “has cooties”.

The only way to rid someone of their cooties would be to give them a “cootie shot” by making circular patterns on the victims wrist and saying “circle circle, dot dot, now you’ve got the cootie shot” before poking the cooties away.

But what if one of the cutest “diseases” on earth was actually a food-borne virus that turned kids into zombies?

In a nutshell, this is “Cooties;” a comedy-horror film that hits theaters just in time for class in September.

Elijah Wood (“Lord of The Rings” trilogy, “Green Street Hooligans”), Rainn Wilson (“Backstrom,” “The Office”) and a plethora of others star as teachers and faculty of an elementary school overrun with zombie children in what looks to be a smart, funny and adorable showing in the vein of “Zombieland”.

“Cooties” should have an abundance of great lines and cult classic moments. A trailer highlight is the tail end when Wilson cooly says “Naptime, mother- (shut your mouth)” before lighting a jumping jamboree full of infected kids on fire.

How’s that for a cootie shot?

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