Trailer Feedback: Inside Out

Did your parents ever tell you there was a person (or people) inside your head controlling your every move?

If so, then it seems that someone at Pixar was told the same by their parents, leading us to Inside Out.

The film will revolve around a family and their emotional teams calculating their every action in what seems to be a hilarious comedy for everyone that only Disney and Pixar can deliver. It’s funny, visually entertaining and downright charming – which is of course a recipe for success in every book.

“Inside Out” looks to be one of the breakout films of the summer that gives us a nice alternative to the excessive action flicks that will surely run amok.

The team behind the feature consisting of “the minds behind Up, Toy Story 3 and Finding Nemo” will be presenting “Inside Out”. Similar to the movies they’ve worked on, “Inside Out” can seemingly do no wrong at this point.

Time will tell come July, but as of now, it looks like a winner.

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