Band of the Week: Nailbomb

Nailbomb was a side project of Max Cavalera (Soulfly, Ex – Sepultura) and Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) that should have taken over the world.

Unfortunately, Nailbomb’s run was short lived as the band would only play one show at the 1995 Dynamo Festival (which would become their live album, “Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide”) after releasing their only album of extreme aggression, 1995’s “Point Blank” on Roadrunner Records.

“Point Blank” was highly chaotic and wild with its blend of thrashing breakneck speed and heavy, sludgy grooves. The political and confrontational lyrics were just as offensive as its album art – a female Vietcong member with a U.S. soldier’s gun pressed against her temple. The brutality of the artwork was only a metaphor for what Nailbomb would sound like.

This is some of the most raw emotion to be captured on audio.

“Point Blank” also featured guest musicians Dino Cazares (Fear Factory), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Igor Cavalera (Sepultura) and would become a highlight of every career involved.

“Point Blank” also had some box office success as the song “Wasting Away” was featured in Gus Van Sant’s 1995 comedy-drama “To Die For” where Nicole Kidman seduces a young Joaquin Phoenix in order to convince him to kill her husband.

For whatever reason, Nailbomb chose to release only one album, but Cavalera, Newport and friends gave every bit of anger and frustration they had to getting a phenomenal record out of “Point Blank”. While there’s always a possibility for a return album in the name of nostalgia, perhaps it is better in the long run that Nailbomb’s legacy is left where it peaked.

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