Band of The Week: Kenneth Packard

Prepare for some of the heaviest music you’ve never heard.

In the fall of 2011, Kenneth Packard walked into Kyle Wodzicki’s SUNY Oswego dorm room and proceeded to record his unique brand of Death Metal. Packard layed down bass and guitar tracks while Wodzicki would later program drums. Packard would record two tracks, “Equivocal” (above) and “Lay Dead” (below). The tracks are instrumental although vocals were originally planned.

“At the time I was playing with my friend Matt at home. I was up at school,” Packard said. “My friend Kyle Wodzicki had recording stuff in his room and I just approached him with recording the stuff that I had.  It was only for demo purposes but it sounded really good.”

The project Packard was working on eventually fell through and the recordings would fail to see the light of day until now.

The Bonesaw is proud to premiere these pieces of Packard’s legacy for your listening pleasure.

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