Places to Eat: Kawaii

Photo credit: Danny Chi
Photo credit: Danny Chi

Just past Brooklyn’s roast beef emporium Brennan and Carr and right next to Jay and Lloyd’s of deli fame is Kawaii, a hidden sushi restaurant that can go ten rounds with the two heavyweights above.

The cozy little hole-in the wall serves an abundance of food with a large menu ranging from several types of teriyaki, a multitude of salads (mango kani anyone?) and a plethora of special sushi rolls such as the Bloody Mary, Godzilla and the AK-47 at great prices with large portions to boot.

On top of that, Kawaii also has an extensive all you can eat menu with nothing off limits for $20.00. The only catch is that if you’re going to take that route, your entire party must also be on board.

If that isn’t appealing enough, your sushi will be served in a wooden boat if a large enough quantity is ordered.

The flavors in the special rolls and salads pop with no ingredients overpowering nor canceling others out. Every hint of citrus, caviar, and fish really come together in unprecedented fashion.

At times some of the grilled dishes may come out a bit dry or overcooked, but the sauces are very nicely done and do a great job of making up for what is lost if you should run into that situation.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, Kawaii is a winner fully loaded with variety, diversity and generosity showing in their prices, menus and food.

Fun fact: Kawaii is the Japanese word for “loveable,” “charming,” “adorable” or “cute.”

How appropriate.

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