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Spaceman Frank’s NXT Takeover War Games 2018 Predictions

by Frank Lucci

With all the chaos surrounding the WWE and Survivor Series in particular, it is good to know that there is always NXT. The second War Games event the developmental brand goes back to a more traditional version of the historical match, but mixes up the formula somewhat by having only four matches on the card. Triple H has said in a conference call that this is so each match has the time it requires, which I understand. That being said I really wanted to see Kassius Ohno vs Matt Riddle (with Keith Lee thrown in perhaps?) during the show, but I guess I will settle for this epic card. This card has everything, and it will be exciting to see some people who maybe have not gotten the spotlight they deserve have an opportunity to shine without too else to steal the spotlight. I’m Spaceman Frank and these are my NXT Takeover War Games 2018 predictions!


Shayna Baszler (C) vs Kairi Sane (2 out of 3 Falls Match for the NXT WOmen’s CHampionships)


I was a little surprised to see yet another bout between these two women, especially after they have traded the title back and forth already. Shayna won back the title at Evolution with the help of the MMA Horsewomen, and I thought it was a pretty convincing win. I suppose I will take another encounter, but really I think someone else should step up and try for the belt especially after Kairi was an afterthought as the champ. I think the Horsewomen will make their presence known once again, thus formally introducing themselves as a faction to the WWE Universe and preparing them for their eventual run as lackeys for Ronda Rousey. Shayners wins and then goes back to playing League of Legends.


Aleister Black vs Johnny Gargano


This grudge match sees the former beacon of pure pureness Johnny Wrestling getting his comeuppance versus the man he wronged Old Dutch Al. I thought there was still something a good guy Johnny could bring to the table, but since he failed to get the belt and Undisputed Era are busy at the moment he really had nowhere to go. Same could be said for Aleister, who has spent most of his time storming about trying to find who beat him up. Both these guys should probably be on the main roster right now, so this may be a swan song for someone. But considering WWE seems to only dole out call ups around Mania season we shall see. Ale has the motivation to get revenge, but I think Johnny will get the win. He needs to solidify himself as a heel, and if he switches moral alignment only to keep losing that would be pretty sad. Johann Von Doom wins after some extra spicy cheating to really break people’s hearts.


Tommaso Ciampa (C) vs Velveteen Dream (NXT CHampionship Match)


Ciampa has conquered his former friend, and now takes on another hot prospect in the Velvet One. WHen I first heard this was happening I was all in, and the dynamic between the stoic champ and his flamboyant challenger is a welcome change of pace from the constant bitter boys stories we have seen in the championship picture. The Dream is going to be some sort of champion eventually, but I feel like this is almost a placeholder match. He is someone NXT officials can plug in and make the crowds happy, but I cannot see him winning. He is too young and has already had matches with most of his likely potential challengers, so if he does have a serious run in him it will be later. Ciampa is too good as a baddie paranoid champ and if he loses the belt I think they will wait for a major show around Mania time as opposed to just having him win his year long fued with Gargano then drop the belt to the next wrestler to face him. Tommaso wins in a fun match.


The Undisputed Era vs Ricochet, Pete Dunne, and War Raiders (War Games Match)


This dream match features the hottest faction in all of WWE take on some pretty badass challengers in what is going to be a total slobberknocker. Undisputed continue to put on amazing matches both individually as well as a unit. PLus their promos are just the right level of snark that makes them annoying heels without makign them completely unlikeable. Each of their opponents are game to match them in the ring, and I am looking forward to some out of sight tag team moves from the four men opposite Undisputed. In particular I am looking forward to War Raiders getting their chance to shine finally. They have been too good to sit on the bench as long as they have, and I think they are prime for a tag team title run. As for who wins, it is hard to say. Pete Dunne is the biggest single factor as to who may win, as he may decide to play nice only as long as he feels like it. He could turn on his team, especially recent rival Ricochet, or he could go after Roddy Strong for his previous betrayal of Dunne. All in all t will be lots of fun to watch, and I see this match going long and causing me to jump up and down on my couch throughout. I am going with Undisputed Era for the win because the unit seems like the right choice over the thrown together allies.

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Spaceman Frank’s NXT TakeOver: War Games Predictions

by Frank Lucci

Houston’s Takeover seemed to be on a pretty clear path, until somebody in WWE (Triple H) got a huge nostalgia trip for classic WCW and decided to make this into a War Games-themed event. That combined with NXT having a future taping in the same building as one of WCW’s shows and the resurrection of Starcade as a live event proves that The H man really, really, reallyyyyyy wants to turn back the clock to the early 90’s.

This has been met with some mixed results (see my live reading of the revamped War Games rules and Chris’ reaction on the latest episode of Manopera!), but it is a TakeOver, so it should be pretty rad. Now if only WWE would put Gargano vs. Dunne for the UK Championship on the main show because WHY WOULDN’T YOU DO THAT WE ALL WANT IT WHY ARE YOU MAKING US WAIT A WEEK YOU MONSTERS???  I’m Spaceman Frank and here are my NXT Takeover: War Games predictions.

Kassius Ohno vs. Lars Sullivan

Kassius “Player Coach” Ohno gets his first singles match on a Takeover, taking on the suddenly ascendant Lars “Human Gargoyle” Sullivan. Granted, much of the people on this card can be considered “suddenly ascendent” but Sullivan, in particular, seems destined for something bigger. He is very much NXT’s Braun Stroman, and I can see Vince getting one look at him and penciling him into a main roster run before he is truly ready. But hey Stroman was not day one ready, and look where he is now.

Meanwhile, Ohno is putting his undefeated streak on the line, but really he is here to make himself look good while losing to the newest NXT freak. I just wish we got a more substantial feud for this along with Ohno getting more chances to show his stuff.  A good little match that isn’t as good as Gargano vs Dunne BECAUSE NOTHING WILL BE EVER that sees Sullivan getting the win.

Aleister Black vs. The Velveteen Dream

Before this feud began I would have thought there would be no way this could have pushed my interest at all. However young Patrick Clark has made the most of a gimmick that could have gone very poorly very quickly. He commits to the character and adds just the right amount of uncomfortable to keep it PG. Meanwhile Black is the perfect foil for him, as the zen-like guy who refuses to give attention to the Dream. One minor flaw I see in this is that Back obviously craves attention too, since he is covered in tattoos, rises from the smoke during his entrance, and sits in the ring with spotlights on him. Do not tell me you’d not like attention seekers and do that stuff. Anyway, Aleister is the vet and Clark was born in 1995, so Black will defeat The Velveteen Dream like he was The Velveteen Rabbit and Black was Scarlet Fever.

Ember Moon vs. Peyton Royce vs. Nikki Cross vs. Kairi Sane (Fatal Four Way for the Vacant NXT Women’s Championship)

How mad must Sane be? She wins this epic Mae Young Classic, beating some of the best in the world, and gets to be 25% of the match for Asuka’s forfeited championship. I would have made this a one on one match with Kairi facing the winner of an NXT only tournament to make things a little more even. That being said, this is a pretty good field of women who represent the future of the women’s division in NXT and beyond.

It is easy to write Royce right off the gate here, and while I think she has the least chance of winning I am curious to see if we see a serious Peyton make a run during the match. Moon would be an obvious choice as next champ since she has frequently been in the title picture, but honestly, I think Cross has eclipsed her (see what I did there?) in popularity. But all in all, I do not see the Sane Train being derailed despite the gap from the Mae Young Classic to now. She is too good, too adorable, and too badass to not get a chance to carry the belt.

Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas w/ Zelina Vega (NXT Championship Match)

Perhaps the match most screwed over by the inclusion of War Games sees McIntyre bypass most other logical challengers and face the out of nowhere Almas for the belt.

This is a big high risk/high reward match for both, and they really need a strong showing to not make this a dud.

To be fair, Drew has been putting on some very solid matches during NXT’s weekly show, and Almas has been doing much better character work as a heel. Vega has also been a revelation as the female manager who not only mixes it up on the mic and (gasp) gets involved in matches in the same way a man would. She is perhaps the most complete person involved into the match, and if she gets into the women’s division I am all for it.

Since Almas is pretty much filler since every other main eventer is busy I do not see him  winning. I just hope D-Mac gets a proper program before his main roster jump back to WWE.

Authors of Pain with Roderick Strong vs. Undisputed Era vs. Sanity (War Games Match)

The rules for this match…suck. Shark cages, wildly unfair rules, and way too much complications make this simple match into a Mario Party minigame. How could they decide this is the best way to what could be an old-school formulaic match (heels get numbers advantage, face shows up to save the day, repeat until all people are in the ring) into a big old cluster?

I can see Strong being the one guy being left along valiantly trying to hold his own until AOP shows up and has a weird Big Damn Hero moment. Meanwhile, I’ll bet my excellent Scary Jesus Rock Star beer that Undisputed Era gets the early numbers advantage.

I cannot say I am super excited for this match, but I should not be bad. My pick for a winner would be Sanity, since I see Strong and the Era’s feud building from here and the tag champions sneaking in a win.

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