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Bonesaw’s Top Non-Metal Shows of 2016

Although 2017 has finally arrived, we’re still not done with our best shows of 2016 countdown. Being metalheads, we tend to be a little more diverse than most give us credit for. To polish off our countdown, here are our favorite non-metal shows of last year – with hopefully many more to come in the new year.
Chris – Cypress Hill and Naughty by Nature at Terminal 5
Chris: I caught Cypress Hill and Naughty By Nature for their annual Halloween tour. They ruled and the place reeked of weed to the point where I reeked of weed even though I stuck to beer. You could not get away from it. My only complaint was that it was my first rap show and there were mostly white people there.
Anthony: My first rap show was Hopsin two years ago and he had mostly white people watching him. Oddly enough, it was the same type of crowd when I saw Mobb Deep.
Chris: Oh Hopsin is amazing. I’d love to see him. Such a talented guy. Perhaps I will get him on the pod in 2017.
Birdman – The Beach Boys and The Temptations at Bethel Woods

Anthony: Nice. Bethel Woods is such a cool place.
Lyon: And historic.
Birdman: Went more for The Temps, and was disappointed that this wasn’t a co-headlining tour even though it was marketed as the “Surf and Soul” tour.
Anthony: That happens a lot I’ve noticed.
Birdman: The Temps played all their hits and I bought a shirt of theirs.They had two. Meanwhile, The Beach Boys had two dozen designs.
Anthony: You should wear that when you play in Roargh! How did The Beach Boys sound for their age?
Birdman: On point. Their set was in chronological order.
 Lyon: Sick.
 Birdman: Problem is my dad was getting tired and we left as they were just beginning the songs from Pet Sounds. Mike Love’s a great frontman even if he’s no Brian Wilson.


Tony – Prophets of Rage at Barclay’s Center

Lyon: Oh awesome! I was hoping they would be good.
Anthony: The two openers weren’t my thing but this show was basically equal to seeing Rage Against the Machine, Public Enemy and Cypress Hill on one bill since they played tracks from all three.
Lyon: Any originals?
Anthony: No, I don’t think they had any at the time. But it was cool to hear all three acts classics.
 Birdman: Must’ve been. They have an EP out.
Anthony: That EP is mostly covers. There is an original song on it but they didn’t play it. Maybe they want to wait until they have an album. Mid-set they even had B-Real and Chuck D walk into the audience and rap Cypress and Public Enemy songs with the DJ doing the beats.
Birdman: Sick.
Lyon – Bad Religion with Against Me at Irving Plaza

Lyon: I’m not the biggest fan of the first band, but I understand why people are and everyone was really digging their set. Bad Religion is still fucking amazing and I pitted ’till I couldn’t pit no more.
Birdman: Bad Religion’s a band I really wanna see.
Anthony: Does Bad Religion still play a decent amount of their 80’s stuff?
 Lyon: They sure do. It’s my second time seeing them.
Antony: Nice. I’m sure hearing “We Are Only Going to Die…” live would give me Tony Hawk memories.
Birdman: Any chance they played “Leaders and Followers?” Brings back another type of memory.
Lyon: Their energy is unmatched and every song is like, “Oh shit.” They played most of Generator, a few songs from True North, a few Against the Grain and some other sick shit.

Prophets Of Rage At Barclays Center (8/27/16)


When I heard about a new supergroup containing all the instrumentalists of rap/rock band Rage Against the Machine along with Public Enemy’s Chuck D and Cypress Hill’s B-Real, I knew I had to catch this.

Public Enemy and Cypress Hill (well, old Cypress Hill) and Rage were one of the few times rap and rock music mixed well.  Due to the low prices, my friend Doug and I bought tickets to the Prophets of Rage show at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Since we both had the day off, we spent time in Coney Island. I had never been here before and I ended up enjoying the areas beautiful yet retro look (I also got to try frog legs for the first time!).  After hopping on the train, we got to the Barclays Center around 7pm just in time to catch the first band.


First on was Tim Commerford from Rage Against the Machine’s side project. We were curious to see how Commerford would fair in another band, and after viewing them…let’s just say we felt Tim should stick to Rage as Commerford was pretty…well, whack. The band played some kind of nu-metal influenced punk. While the bass riffs were cool, Tim’s vocals sounded too whiny and had cringe-worthy lyrics like, “Fuck with me and I’ll kill you all.”


After Tim’s midlife crisis band, the electronic rock band AWOLNATION took the stage. I was never a big fan of this band though I was never against them either (except for that obnoxious song “Sail”). Doug, on the other hand likes them a lot (except for that obnoxious song “Sail”).  Though I’m no fan I will say they put on a great performance with lots of energy and I enjoyed their set… except when they played that obnoxious song “Sail.”

Prophets of Rage

Prophet’s of Rage set started with DJ Lord of Public Enemy opening the set by sampling many rock and hip hop hits. The crowd went really wild when he chopped and screwed the Nirvana classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

Prophets then got on stage with a cover of “No Sleep Till Brooklyn” that infused lyrics from the Public Enemy hit ” Fight the Power.” They then went on to play a string of Public Enemy and Rage classics with the one Cypress Hill song, “How I could just kill a man” thrown in for good measure. The Rage members then got off stage and B-Real and Chuck D went into the audience. They then went back and forth performing classics from Cypress Hill and Public Enemy such as “Insane in the Brain” and “Welcome to the Terrordome.”

This got the audience screaming along to the songs. D and B-Real then went back on stage and played more Rage and Public Enemy songs, including a remake of “She Watch Channel Zero” using the riff from “Cochise” by Audioslave. They also threw in a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s”Ghost of Tom Joad.” Unlike Rage’s original cover of this song, Tom Morello sang on it with Aaron Bruno from AWOLNATION joining in. Prophets ended the set with “Killing in the Name.”

We then left for Montgomery, NY after witnessing one of the best shows of the year. The two of us  later would write an editorial of the five greatest highlights from this show for Alternative Nation.  Read this if you want to hear about Prophets of Rage’s set in more detail.