Wishbone Ash At Daryl’s House


Every once in a while I check the listing for shows at Daryl’s House,  a restaurant owned by Daryl Hall of Hall and Oates located in Pawling, NY. The place is known for great food and gets plenty of notable jazz,blues and classic rock acts. I noticed that Wishbone Ash were scheduled to play there in late September.

Seeing this as a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see such an underrated band, my good buddy Birdman from Roargh and I knew we had to go. After school that day, I made the drive to Pawling. While we waited, we both ordered chili burgers, which were pretty amazing.

Wishbone Ash

For those who don’t know, Wishbone Ash are a pretty overlooked 70’s hard rock band that are most known for influencing Iron Maiden. We were able to see this as soon as we noticed their guitar playing is just like Dave Murray and Adrain Smith’s.

The sound was amazing and the vocalist showed us all he has a sense of humor. They played many great songs including “The King Has Come,” “You see Red” and “Blowing Wind.” The band encored with the track “Pheonix.” Wishbone Ash played for about an hour and 45 minutes but weren’t boring for a second. After the show we met the band, who were pretty chill guys and then headed home after experiencing a performance by one of classic rocks most overlooked acts.


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