Winter Calling: As Darkness Falls Review

Winter Calling is a progressive metal band from Florida, but you’d never be able to tell with their widely influenced brand of music on their self-released debut, “As Darkness Falls.”

The album (which can be streamed, bought and shared though the bands official website)  is an emotional journey spanning accross 11 songs, including a unique piano-based cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years.” Highlights include the opening track “A World I Can Feel,” the power-groovy “Forever” and the single “The Stand” (for which the video can be viewed below).

“As Darkness Falls” contains complex ballad-esque arrangements backed with ambient keyboards that uniquely provide the foundation for the music. “Forever,” “Make it Rain” and the “Wasted Years” rendition largely reflect on this rarely traveled route.

Although Winter Callings vocals and guitars are a hybrid of Queensryche, early Helloween, and Dream Theater, that’s not to say they aren’t unique. Ian Medhurst (guitars) and  Chris Hodges (vocals) sonically feed off of each others energy throughout their debut – a prime example of what a guitarist and singer pairing should be.

“As Darkness Falls” is a solid debut from an independent band trying to make a name for themselves in Winter Calling. While the slower pace is not for everyone, it is a calm, refreshing offering for the wandering spirit in all of us.

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