Broken Guru: Bent Up Halo Review

When a band’s motto is “I don’t like my future,” one is unsure what to expect.

That band is New York’s own Broken Guru and their motto is proudly displayed in their blast from the past debut, “Bent Up Halo.”

Notable tracks include the Iggy Pop inspired “Tryin,” “28 Cents” and “Got to be Mean.” There’s a lot going on that can easily channel some dancing, pogoing (remember that?) or just plan shaking a fist in the air.

Arguably the best song is the title track as it not only has a solid rhythm but has early Alice Cooper written all over it.

The three piece from Forest Hills take a number of alternative routes in the last quarter of the album with “My Universe,” “Gimme More” and the closer “Like A Whore.” The Rolling Stones, The Melvins and Sonic Youth have nothing on the laid back in-the-pocket style that Broken Guru taps into.

Broken Guru’s “Bent Up Halo” is a fuzzy punk/garage rock album that takes you back to yesteryear. Had this have been the late 70’s or early 80’s, one could certainly see the outfit playing CBGB’s alongside Blondie and The Ramones on a weekly basis. Blending groovy riffs with a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” attitude, “Bent Up Halo” is an enjoyable 30-minute trip with good vibes and high times.

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