CalatrilloZ Premiere “Z the Psychopath” Video


Everyone loves a carnival.

Enter CalatrilloZ, a London Symphonic Metal troupe drawing NWOBHM influences merged with vaudevillian attire and theatrics. The band (active since 2009) are preparing to release their debut album “Psalms of Zahyin.”

The five band members (who create a cocktail that’s one part Kiss and two parts Demons & Wizards) describe themselves as “a troupe of wanderers” and are all fitted with unique personas complete with elaborate backstories, makeup and costumes to complete the aura of CalatrilloZ.

Set to be a concept album based on the bands mysterious origins and their mission statement to scour the earth for five marionettes with powerful demons imprisoned within them, “Psalms of Zahyin” contains six tracks of wailing guitars, entrancing arrangements and operatic vocals by singer Zayhin (who’s persona is the focal point of the album if not the band itself).

“Through Zayhin, though his universe, my compositions are free.” He said in a press release. “The only limitations I have are the ones I impose upon myself: none.”

In anticipation of their release, Calatrilloz has filmed a music video (which can be viewed below) for the final track on the album “Z the Psychopath.” The video revolves around Zayhin shifting in and out of each of his bizarre personalities with the band playing in a desolate room (or realm).

Calatrilloz ominous debut “Psalms of Zayhin” becomes available for your listening pleasure June 22.

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