Throwback Thursday: Kevin Smith – Tough Sh*t

Director Kevin Smith was not born into money, in fact he is far from the “American Dream” prototype. However; he is the loveable mind behind such cult classics as “Clerks,” “Mallrats” and “Dogma” as well as other awesome films. Smith’s book “Tough Sh*t” is not just a biography, but an average Joe’s guide to grabbing the brass ring.

Smith describes growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, his film career and its launch to meteoric heights with a little indie film called “Clerks.” The film not only exhausted Smith’s resources but everyone that he knew as well. Fortunately, it all paid off because the feature that was shot at its director’s actual place of work was picked up by the Weinstein’s Miramax and won awards at various film festivals including Cannes and Sundance.  This set Smith up for the creation of what is new the “View Askiewniverse” which ties in most of his work.

Other highlights include the trials and tribulations of “Zack and Miri Make a Porno,” directing “Cop Out,” and the infamous plane ride from hell Smith met at the hands of Southwest Airlines.  It’s not all bad, as Smith recants how he found a way to hit them where it hurts – Twitter.

Smith also devotes a lot of time thanking people – especially his wife, who he consistently harasses with hilarious terms of endearment and praise for her being who she is and looking as good as she does.

“Tough Sh*t” is one of the most straightforward self-help books you can find that just so happens to double as an autobiography. Throughout the book we learn about one man’s struggle from (as he puts it) just wanting some chocolate milk to owning an entire factory in the gut-wrenchingly funny way that only he can tell it. A great side note worth mentioning is that every chapter’s sub-title contains the word “shit” (“Chapter Three: The Shit I Made”) because every aspect of the book is life, success and the “Tough Sh*t” that comes with it.

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