Trailer Feedback: Batman V Superman – Dawn of Justice

The trailer for the film comic book fans have been waiting for has finally been unveiled.

Apparently, Superman has developed a God complex with Batman taking matters into his own hands (as usual) in an effort to take him down.

Upon a statue of America’s most iconic figure we hear how all men who are given too much power is corrupted in multiple ways before cutting to Ben Affleck gazing into the hallowed eyes of the legendary cowl before a glimpse of Batman emerging from some wreckage.

Our next shot is the showdown of the world’s most recognizable superheroes straight out of Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns;” complete with high-tech bat-suit.

Cyber Bat-Fleck then utters the words “Tell me, do you bleed? You will,” before we cut to the graphic.

While we don’t exactly know what the plot is we have definitely seen some potential key development in why our heroes are fighting. However, we know the film is not going to be about them fighting alone. Regardless, we are definitely interested and are looking very forward to another trailer.

Well played Hollywood, well played.

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