Trailer Feedback: Iron Sky – The Coming Race

Nazis on the moon was just the beginning. This time we’re going to the center of the earth.

In Iron Sky: The Coming Race, not only are we dealing with reptilians, but Hitler is alive and he’s got a Nazi Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Eat your heart out, Jules Verne.

It looks like The Coming Race will start immediately after Iron Sky left off, with civilization as we know it coming to an end. The female President of the United States calmly takes her helicopter to the arctic ends of the earth, entering a fortress before revealing herself to be a reptilian.

It’s almost as if this was her plan all along.

She then heads down into what we now know is “the hollow earth” and is greeted by The Fuhrer himself on his pet dino from the third reich, who comically heils her.

On top of that, another teaser for Iron Sky: The Coming Race was released last week.

Jesus Christ.

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