Trailer Feedback: Terminator Genisys

As if there wasn’t enough confusion in the Terminator franchise, here comes Genisys.

Apparently, John Connor is sending a Resistance soldier back from the future to a time before the first Terminator in order to save his mother Sarah Connor from the terminators to prevent judgment day. Additionally, the past has somehow been altered to the point where it is now in the middle of Terminator 2 and there are two Arnold terminators and an asian T-1000.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

The trailer does show off some great visuals and teases cool action sequences. It’s also really nice to see Schwarzenegger in a Terminator film again. The special effects look killer and the CGI doesn’t look too digital either, which is always a plus.

Unfortunately, being good looking is not enough to get the audience any less bewildered by the plot, or lack thereof.

Well…he’s back.

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