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Mayhem, Inquistion at The Chance


While The Chance gets some pretty cool metal shows from time to time, no one saw it coming when black metal icons Mayhem was announced with support from their Colombian counterparts, Inquisition. We then found out they were playing all of their 1994 album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas, making this show an immediate must. After work, I grabbed my friend Jay and we left for the venue. When we got in the parking lot we saw that many a fan had also arrived early. We ran into Branden (another friend) and all headed for some food at Nutty’s, where we again ran into other friends who are normally mentioned in my articles. Prime time came around and we entered the venue. Although no band had started playing yet, the venue was already packed. Taking advantage of the open balcony, I headed up and found a sweet view before the first band started.

Black Anvil

I had seen Black Anvil once before when they opened for Watain at The Loft. I was never a fan, and wasn’t impressed at their performance then. Here it wasn’t much better. They had a new sound that had clean vocals that didn’t seem to match the music. After their set Inquisiton got on.


This legendary duo has always been one of my favorite black metal bands. Every time I’ve seen them they were killer – including this one. Their sound was spot on and they had a great setlist. Nothing that night could match the power of their set as Inquistion stole the show once more.


Last but not least, Mayhem got onstage. I had seen the controversial band once in 2015 with Revenge and Watain. At the time, I really enjoyed Mayhem’s set (though not as much as Revenge’s) as I finally got to see them and hear classics such as “Chainsaw Gutsfuck” live. Looking back, their sound was pretty off and they spent too much of the set promoting their last album (2014’s Esoteric Warfare), which wasn’t very good. Here, they were amazing. Mayhem brought out an altar while all the members wore robes. They performed De Mysteriis from front to back while doing over-the top-theatrics. The sound was much better this time around. The only problem I had was that they only played the album, making for a short set. Overall, it was a great show and made up for the near two month streak of not seeing any touring acts.







Dillinger Escape Plan’s Final Tour at The Chance


After many years of success, hardcore legends The Dillinger Escape Plan decided to call it quits. When they got confirmed to play The Chance, Doug and I decided to go and bring our friend Jessie since he had mentioned liking them before. Our friend Nick also decided to tag along with us.

I had seen them once before, opening for Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden and while they killed at that show, I knew a headling performance would be totally insane. After eating at the sketchy Kennedy Fried Chicken, Doug and I went to the venue for Doug’s scheduled interview with the band’s vocalist Greg Puciato. After Doug’s interview ( where I helped contribute questions), the three of us got trapped in the dressing room due to the shitty carpeting. It wasn’t until Puciato’s  brilliant plan to get the door open that we were able to escape Dillinger’s dressing room (also a good band name).

We regrouped with Nick and Jesse and noticed that the first band didn’t go on until 8pm (it was 6). We then decided to go to this local game store called Joe Gamer which sold games for almost every system known to man. Nick bought a copy of the Gamecube classic Tales of Symphony while Doug bought Superman 64 (because, why not?). We got back to The Chance around showtime, ran into my friends Rob from Roargh and Tom Wickland as the first band set up.

Bent Knee

Bent Knee started the set with some really bizarre music. They played some kind of prog rock with vocals that sounded like they were trying to be James Bond themes and keyboards that seemed like they belonged in different Square titles such as Final Fantasy, Life is Strange and Chrono Trigger. While I don’t see myself listening to this band on my own, I will say they performed well.

Cult Leader

The second band on this tour with Cult Leader. I knew nothing about them other than my friend Jason saying they were pretty good. They played a mix of doom, mathcore and grind. Most songs had very harsh vocals with a few of them having cleans that sound sort of like Nick Cave. They had a crazy energetic performance with a vocalist who  was really over the top with his stage antics. They were by far the best opener I saw that night.

The Dillinger Escape Plan

After Cult Leader,  we all went to hang out at Nutty’s bar and grill. After about half and hour we went back to The Chance to catch the feature presentation. Around this time I ran into Mers, DJ and Ryan from Black Table, who I saw put on a killer performance the night before. Dillinger had a machine gun performance with tons of energy and stage antics from Puciato as well as seizure-inducing strobe lights throughout the whole set. They had a great 90’s set list covering the band’s history while also promoting their just-released final album Dissociation at the same time. Classics like “Prancer,” “One of Us is the Killer,” “Milk Lizard” and even their pop songs such as “Black Bubblegum” were played – and all sounded great live. After the show Doug bought the new album while I bought a cheap Dillinger poster and we headed back to Montgomery hoping to make it back in time for Doug’s overnight shift.