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Top 10 Extreme Metal Love Songs

10 best metal love songs

A common Valentine’s Day tradition is listening to sappy love songs. Despite what you might think, even metalheads enjoy conveying their emotions for one another. In no particular order, here are ten “love” songs from metal’s more extreme sub-genres; showcasing the various ways to show someone how you really feel.

Vio-lence – Gutterslut

From the band’s humorous and politically incorrect “Torture Tactics” EP. “Gutterslut” is  about wanting to rape a slutty woman. If recorded today, there’s no doubt the members of Vio-lence would have an eternal P.R. nightmare.

Loving lyrics: “Fuck her in the ass good and hard
After I’ve chased her through the yard
I don’t use vaseline ’cause I like to
Fuck dirty and mean

Strapping Young Lad – Love?

Strapping Young Lad’s most well known song. The song is literally just about love.

Loving lyrics: “I’ll wait for the night to come
So far, suicide at home
For I’m not the man you know…
This love,

Carnivore – Carnivore

From their self-titled debut, this track was one of the first tastes of Peter Steele’s tongue-in-cheek humor. Nothing shows affection more than referencing forgotten 70’s bands.

Loving lyrics: “Lick me she begged, she pulled down my head,
I love to eat pussy
A taste so fine like sweet April wine,
I won’t trade for any money”

Cannibal Corpse – Fucked with a knife

One of the band’s most well known songs. This live staple is pretty self explanatory and is Ted Bundy approved.

 Loving lyrics:”No escape from your fate, destined to be mine.
Every night I wait to see, in the night, watching

Ancient – Lilith’s Embrace

A classic black metal track from the 90’s that is mostly known for its good/bad music video. The track tells the story of Adam’s son Cane meeting his father’s first bride Lilith.

Loving lyrics: “I shed bloody tears and she made them disappear
She kissed away my tears
Her powers I could see would forever set me free”

Gorgoroth – Unchain My Heart

From their 2000 album “Incipient Satan” (the first album to feature Ghaal). In case you were wondering, this is not a cover of the Ray Charles song and is one of the few Ghaal era songs to not feature Satan’s name.

 Loving lyrics: “the blood reflecting white
the curse of your heart
“unchain my heart”

Acid Witch – Witches Tits

Acid Witch were always one for wierd lyrics and here is no exception. Like Cannibal Corpse, this song’s title speaks for itself.

 Loving lyrics: “Covered in boils and sores
Crusted over popped pimples
Discharging pus
With warts for nipples”

Midnight – Vomit Queens

Midnight were always great Venom worshipers down to the lyrics. Although we don’t know what a vomit queen is this song is still awesome.

 Loving lyrics: “Give it to me – Vomit Queen
It’s bursting out – Vomit Queen
Give it to me – Vomit Queen
Aaarrrggghhh – Vomit Queen

Suffocation – Entrails of You

Here on one of their most popular reunion songs, Suffocation show they don’t only care about outer beauty. The song is about killing a woman and having your way with her entrails.

 Loving lyrics: “You are so beautiful; I bathe myself in the entrails of you
Submerge myself in your blood and wear your flesh, you are so fucking beautiful
You are so beautiful; I bathe myself in the entrails of you

Anal Cunt – Picnic of Love

The title track from the band’s most “experimental” album. As opposed to grindcore with offensive lyrics, this album was pure folk songs about love. See, Seth Putnam was a nice guy!!

 Loving lyrics: “I’ll kiss you for an appetizer
And love you for the meal
Then I’ll ask for your hand in marriage
As I look up lovingly and kneel

Exinfernum: The Band From Hell


New Jersey has never been a stranger to metal.

Classic bands such as Danzig, Overkill, Ripping Corpse, Whiplash and Symphony X have all come from there. The state still has its fair share of greats today including newcomers Exinfernum. In this interview, members James and Vinny talk about the band as well as some other fun topics.

How would you describe your band’s sound?

Vinny: The way I see it, we take inspiration from different forms of dark music. This includes black metal, darker death metal bands and old goth music – it all inspires us. The only term I think can describe our band is dark metal.

James: Essentially we just play really dark metal music and some of it verges on death or black metal. Metal-Archives.com even calls us blackened death metal. The sub-genre of metal we play isn’t as important to us as it would be for other bands. Really, we are just looking to make some dark, heavy music

Why did you choose the name Exinfernum and what does it mean?

Vinny: The name means “from Hell” in Latin. I was sitting in the dark one day, writing riffs and the name just hit me out of nowhere. It seemed to be a perfect fit for the music I was writing. It was also one of the few cool sounding names that wasn’t really taken.

I understand you used to be the old-school death metal band Gorematory. What made you decide to change to this new style and was it hard at first?

Vinny: Originally, Gorematory split up in November 2011 after opening for Entombed. We tried to bring the band back a few times but it didn’t work out. We decided to change the bands style. Since we went in such a new direction, the name (Gorematory) didn’t fit anymore. Our lyrics went from being gore and horror themed to more dark and spiritual. Due to these changes we put Gorematory to bed and Exinfernum was born.

James: We had alot of bad luck with the band. We started to feel the name Gorematory was cursed. This was around late 2014. We decided we were going to start 2015 with a clean slate. I also felt our style grew a little.

Vinny: To this day I am still a very big horror fan, but I needed to write about more things that are personal to me. At that point I started getting more into the left hand path.I started reading a lot more books and looking into different things. What I wanted to do was say these things but in a form of music. I guess you can say it’s something that feels more natural and personal to us. It’s more real then what Gorematory was.

Any new releases on the horizon? If so can you tell us about them.

Vinny: For the rest of this year we will continue to promote our album “The Gutting of God.” In the middle of next year we are going to start working on our second full length.

James: We have some rough song ideas (maybe around four). Cereberus, our drummer is also working on a few. Some might not make it to the next album but whenever we feel like writing we write stuff. Nothing we wrote is really concrete at the moment.

How do you feel about the state of black metal today? Do you feel the original idea of black metal is gone or do you think it just took other forms?

Vinny: I personally feel metal needs to evolve to survive, this includes black metal. As much as I like the classic bands such as Darkthrone, Carpathian Forest, Gorgoroth and Dissection; in order for the music to continue it needs to evolve. Don’t get me wrong, I love bands that are throwbacks to the old style but it still needs to evolve.

James: My opinion is a little similar to his. I feel black metal fans today take themselves and the music way too fucking seriously. I think a lot of black metal bands get too into the ideology and the image and forget it’s fucking music.

Vinny: To me, ideology and music go hand in hand.