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Marty Friedman at Crossroads

It had been a long time since I’ve seen a live music-related show (last one before this being Behemoth in November). I had gotten the chance to see Ring of Honor’s Final Battle pay-per view live and catch an NXT house show at the Mid Hudson Civic Center between these two shows.

This show was one to break the gap of no live metal.

I had never listened to Marty’s solo work before, but he was the main reason why “Rust In  Peace” is one of my top metal albums of all time and I like what little songs I’ve heard from his speed metal band Cacophony.

Birdman and I headed to Crossroads for the show. A restaurant/ venue in Jersey that seems to get some pretty big bands.  We got two openers, Ethernus and Immortal Guardian. While neither are something I’d sit and listen to, both were fun live. At around 10:30 p.m., Marty Friedman got on the stage.

Marty Friedman 


He started the set with many songs from his solo career. Although I wasn’t familiar with these songs, they were fun to hear live and just watch Marty and friends jam out.

They then covered the Cacophony classic, “The Ninja.” Marty then let his other bandmates shine. This included a guitar solo from rhythm guitarist, Jordan Ziff, as well as him singing part of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” as well as sexy Japanese bassist Kiyoshi getting a bass solo followed by her singing parts of Michael Jackson’s classic songs “Beat It” and “Gotta Be Starting Something.” This was all followed by the guitar solo from “Tornado of Souls,” which was sadly the only Megadeth-related anything he played.

The band then went into another string of Friedman solo material until encoring with a cover of the Japanese pop song  “Kaeritakunattayo.”

All and all it was a great show at a great venue and different from most metal shows I’ve been to. It gave me good memories of seeing jazz fusion acts in my area but with a metal twist.