Roger Daltrey performs “Tommy” in Bethel Woods

Sometimes great things can happen when you have a random day off. When just looking at my Facebook feed, I saw an ad for Roger Daltry of The Who playing the classic album “Tommy” in full.

Having been a longtime fan of The Who and that album and having not been to Bethel Woods since I saw Heart with Jason Bonham in 2014, it made that fact that I was off from my night job the whole day and off from both the next day so much cooler. After work I went to my friend Isaac’s place aka the biggest Who fan I know to chill. Our friend Doug dropped by later and we left for the show. We got there around a half hour before the show started. The venue was packed. People young and old showed up to enjoy this 1960’s classic played in full. It started at 8p.m., with zero openers.

Without an introduction or talking between songs, Roger started playing the album in full and in order backed by a Hudson Valley orchestra. While it felt weird to hear him sing Pete Townsend’s parts, it was still fun to see these songs come to life as his voice did not age one bit and everyone was singing along to classics like “Cousin Kevin,” “Acid Queen” and “Pinball Wizard.”

After he finished the album, he talked for a little bit and played Who songs, “Who Are You” and “Baba O’Riley.” He ended the set with some boring song from his latest solo album which is when everyone left. Other than that bad conclusion, it was a fun show and I was glad we went.



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