Throwback Thursday: Legends of the Hidden Temple

In the 90’s Nickelodeon had an awesome game show where kids would run through an Aztec themed obstacle course for prizes that ranged from awesome (Nintendo 64) to not worth the trials (a cheap bike).

That show was “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

Hosted by Kirk Frogg and the show’s Easter Island inspired mascot “Olmec” (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), teams of kids would partake in various rounds of challenges, before running the gauntlet in the final round, usually getting caught by the “temple guards” before completing the challenge. By winning the earlier contests. the children would be given “Pendants of Life” to give to the guards in order to progress through the stage; should they run into them.

Although most participants did not win, the show was a blast to watch and proved as a great alternative to “American Gladiators,” albeit in a bizarre way that only Nickelodeon could bring us.

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